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       CHINA CATALYST GROUP CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as CCG) is a comprehensive enterprise group registered in State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The headquarters is located in SK building in Beijing. CCG sets up three main business modules and four subsidiaries. With the ability to research and develop proprietary technology of core catalysts, develop chemical process package and manufacture fine and specialty chemicals, CCG becomes one of the first
high-tech modern enterprise groups that has relatively complete chemical industry chain.

       By accelerating the industrial layout to adapt to the rapid development of enterprise,CCG built four subsidiaries named China Catalyst Holding Co.,Ltd., China Catalyst Huabang (Dongying) Co.,Ltd., China Calalyst Chunjiang(Huaian) Co.,Ltd. and China Catalyst (Hongkong) Co.,Ltd. to transfer scientific research achievements into productivity andeconomic efficiency. With high performance products and professional services, CCG established solid cooperation relations with a number of domestic chemical groups in recent years. The relevant catalyst and fine chemical products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and other major industries.

        CCG, based on the research of specialized science, relying on itself a great deal of experience in process design and technology transformation, supply the state of the art quality catalysts,technical package and fine chemicals for domestic and international market.

  • Enterprise vision: We are committing to become the leader of the new technology industry .
  • Motto:  Innovation to win the future.
  • Core-competitiveness:
  1. In preciseness, efficiency and market demand of constant power to change ourself;
  2. Bear and solve high-end products technology research and development capabilities;
  3. Respect, sharing, passionate team culture.
  • Enterprise mission:Enterprise mission: Create more platforms for employees, create more value for customers and shareholders and undertaking social responsibility.

Blue represent the ocean, science and technology, broad heart, inclusive. Grey represents composed, strength, business temperament, the international style.

  • Chinese wisdom fusion of business leaders, catalyst of catalytic process like Chinese knot weave presents the intricacies of the contact. And CHINA-CATALYST just can be skilled to master it.
  • Graphics can be seen the "中" word, shape in the form,  weight in the industry. As a large swan wings, unstoppable.
  • Moral of the graphic at the bottom of the grey arc: high morale,a new outlook and vigorous in the industry, work hard.

Beijing Jian Guo Men Wai Street,Chaoyang District No,6,SK building,a 9 storey block A 8A 4006-836546 CCG-official@china-catalyst.com
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