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State Key Laboratory of Catalysis of DICP
Time:2014-11-27          Source:raysmage          Author:China Catalyst Group

State Key Laboratory of Catalysis of DICP,CAS hold some activitiesto celebrate the 30 anniversary on 15th Dec,2014

Speech of Mr.Leejin, Chairman of China Catalyst Group,

Dear leaders, experts and friends:

Good morning! I am Leejin, from China Catalyst Group Co.,Ltd.

Today, we are all here in DICP, to attend the summary conference of State Key Laboratory of Catalysis. First of all, I with honor, represent all the employees of China Catalyst Group, wish the conference a complete success, a warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the leaders, experts and friends who attend the summary conference.

In 2014, General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping showed his reflection as the cross and fusion of information technology, biological technology, new energy technology and new material technology is leading a new round of science & technology revolution and industrial revolution. China Catalyst Group, as a private enterprise in chemical industry with the capacity to trigger and change the new technologies, considers this as a new opportunity. We expect to promote industry revolution by win-win cooperating with DICP and all the scientists here.

China Catalyst Group committed to R&D and production of high-tech catalyst. industry. The concept of CCG is high-tech, environment friendly and people concern.The viewpoint of value is create, share, struggle and growth. DICP is facing the trend of the times with its opened spirit of scientific research. With these backgrounds, CCG and DICP start their cooperation.We cooperated several production demonstrations as diesel hydrogenation, molecular sieve, ceramicmembrane, waste water treatment and catalyst, etc.With DICP’s help, CCG got a rapid development on TS-1 molecular sieve,MTP catalyst and automobile exhaust denitrification treatment catalyst. The production base of automobile exhaust denitrification treatment catalyst is the largest one of the world with over 10K Mts capacity. We expect to make CCG the leading enterprise of catalyst industry by cooperating with DICP in 3-5 years.

I believe, 30 years’ trials and hardships not only created the glory of State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, but also make CCG’s dream a reality. With the promotion of chemical technologies, CCG realized that the change of human lives need the support of high-end R&D. That means we can own the power to trigger the world sooner with the support and guidance of all the scientist here in technologies, researches and new processes.

Today, I am here to share the history of DICP and CCG projects. In the near future, we will do more high-tech, more creative projects to catch up with, even surpass Europe and the United States. Let’s look forward to the spectacular future of China Catalyst Industry.

I wish this conference a complete success!

Wish you good health, business and luck!Thank you!

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