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Congratulations to CCH’s investment company, Shandong Chemfairy E-commerce Co.,Ltd., get an excellent mark
Time:2016-09-14          Source:China Catalyst Group          Author:

Zhaohuake e-commerce platform launched in March,2016. It helped many traditional chemical companies to achieve the development and transformation. It also put its own strength on integration of informationization and industrialization. By a new type of chemical products internet trading model, Zhaohuake became a leading internet company and achieved good results.

China Conference on Integration of Informationization and Industrialization as well as the Awarding Ceremony of China Industrial E-commerce Situation Index Enterprise holded on Aug 26-27,2016. Zhaohuake became one of the first 10 companies with this honor. Huai Jinpeng, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry attended the ceremony and issued a certificate for Zhaohuake.

Zhaohuake won the silver medal in the 3rdShandong Youth E-commerce Competition and became a candidate of national finals on Aug 29,2016. The competition was hold by Communist Youth League Shandong provincial Party committee in Linyi.

Zhaohuake joined CCTV Entrepreneurial Hero on Sep 2,2016. By this stage, Zhaohuake showed us the confidence and determination to push China Industry 4.0 forward, speed up the integration of informationization and industrialization as an new startup company.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to stand back picking up the flag of revitalization of the national industry.

Luckily, we become initial craftsmen in the history of China Catalyst Group.

Happily, we stand together through storm and stress along the way of entrepreneurship.

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