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China Catalyst Liaohe Nano-technology Co.,Ltd. established.-Panjin project Initiated.
Time:2016-09-14          Source:China Catalyst Group          Author:

China Catalyst Liaohe Nano-technology Co.,Ltd. established on Sep 8th,2016, as a stock-holding company of China Catalyst Group, registered capital CNY 50 million (hereinafter referred to as China Catalyst Nano). China Catalyst Nano locates in Panjin Fine Chemical Industrial Park, focuses on R&D, manufacture and sales of nano materials.

The core businesses of China Catalyst Nano are water soluble wax emulsion, superfine lubricative grapheme, Mannich Polyether, super absorbent resin and waterborne polyurethane. The polypropylene wax solution product of water soluble wax emulsion takes the lead among domestic peers in specification and performance. It has broad market prospect for over 95% products in use now are importations.

The startup of new project enlarges the operation scope of China Catalyst Group and will lay a solid foundation for CCG in build a modern high-tech enterprise group with relatively complete chemical industry chain including R&D of core catalyst, development of process package and manufacturing of specialty fine chemical.


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