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The 16th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 16)
Time:2016-08-15          Source:China Catalyst Group          Author:

The 16th International Congress on Catalysis (16thICC) was hold at China National Convention Center in Beijing in July 3,2016.More than 2500 people from over 50 countries attended the congress. This is the first timethat China held an ICC. Thatmeans the strength of catalysis research of China has been recognized by the international community andChina is moving to the leading position of the world science.

The ICC began in 1956 in Philadelphia, USA, held once every four years andsynchronized to Olympic Games, known as the "Olympic Games in the field of catalysis".

Prof.AvelinoCorma (the President of the International Association of Catalysis Societies), Prof. Can Li (the President of 16thICC), Prof. XinheBao (the Chairman of the Catalysis Society of China) from DICP, Dr. ZaikuXie (the Director of Science & Technology Department of SINOPEC) made their speeches in the opening ceremony.

The subject of the congress is the promotion of sustainable development of the world by catalysis. Topics were chosen from the clean and efficient usage of fossil energy, renewable energy, low carbon economyby reducing environmental pollution, etc., and showedthe latest research results of the world catalytic science and technology. Total 5 plenary lectures, 2 IACS award lectures, 18 keynote lectures, 81 invited lectures, over 200 oral reports were given and about 1800 posters were displayed. There were 6 parallelsessions focused on Catalyst for Energy, Catalytic Materials, Catalysis for Energy/Catalytic Mechanism, Environmental Catalysis/Industrial Catalysis, Electrocatalysis/Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis/Photocatalysisi, Biomass Conversion/Oxidation Reactions/Carbon-based Catalysis.

Congratulations to our Chief Scientist, Prof. Gabriele Centi, became the President of the International Association of Catalysis Societies.

The host of 16thICC will further enhance the influence of China in the international catalysis societies, and promote the development of China's catalysis science and technology. CCG will among the international catalysis field by catching this opportunity and shine on the international catalysis stagein the future.

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