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China Catalyst Group Co.,Ltd. established strategic partnership with Yangquan Coal Industry(Group)Co.,Ltd.
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China Catalyst Group Co.,Ltd.(CCG) established strategic partnership with Yangquan Coal Industry(Group)Co.,Ltd.(YCIG) in May 18, 2016. The signing ceremony was hold in Yangquan Coal Industry Building. The two parties will achieve common development by business cooperations. Mr. Jin li (President of CCG), Mr. Yongbin Li(Vice President of CCG), Mr. Benfeng Zou (Vice General Manager od CCG), Mr. Hong Liao (Chief Technology Officer of CCG), Mr. Hong Zhai (President, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCIG), Mr. Wenquan Yan (Vice President of YCIG, President and General Manager of Chemical Industry Group of YCIG), Mr. Zhiwu Feng (Vice Chief Engineer of YCIG, Chief Engineer of ChemicalIndustry Group of YCIG, President of Research Institute of Chemical Industry of YCIG), Mr. Hushui Dong (Vice General Manager of Chemical IndustryGroup of YCIG), Mrs.Jihong Cheng (Chief Accountant of Research Institute of Chemical Industry of YCIG) had attended the signing ceremony.

With the spirit of "voluntary, equality, mutual benefit, keeping promises", based on full consultation, the two parties planed to establish strategic partnership in all dimensions. A JV company named China Catalyst Technology Co.,Ltd. will be registered with two shareholders as subsidiaries from CCG and YCIG (JV will be controlled by YCIG party). The major business of JV company will be processing, production, commissioned to manufacture and sale the series catalyst products, catalysts and new technology development, R&D and sales of process package, trade of chemical products and chemical raw materials.

Mr. Jin Li thanked for the support and trust of YCIG leaders at the beginning and indicated that CCG would connect both sides in business cooperation as soon as possible after the brief introduction of CCG. CCG and YCIG will clear the direction of strategic development and have complementary advantages. The JV company will focus on coal chemical and other fine chemical industries.

Mr. Hong Zhai, the President of YCIG, had a brief introduction on YCIG’s coal industry situation. He indicated that YCIG put great emphasis on the cooperation with CCG and would set up a open platform to test and promote new scientific research achievements in coal chemical industry to sophisticated development. Mr. Hong Zhai expect both parties could have deepen cooperation based on strategic partnership to promote coal chemical industry to an intelligent way. Both parties should have a comprehensive open and achieve mutual benefit after the construction of a certain pattern.

Mr. Wenquan Yan, the Vice President of YCIG, President and General Manager of Chemical Industry Group of YCIG, presented the three development directions of Chemical Industry Group of YCIG. 1stDirection, industrialization of high end technology of coal gasification to change coal to industrial materials. 2ndDirection, by self-innovation and cooperation to get to the international leading position in catalyst industry.3rdDirection, technology upgradation of devices and methods by an intelligent and automotive way.

After all, Mr Jin Li and Mr. Wenquan Yan signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement under the witness of all leaders from both parties.

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