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China Catalyst Group Co.,Ltd., Jiangsu Kangtai Chemical Group Co.,Ltd. and Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group signed the cooperation agreement successfully.
Time:2015-03-06          Source:China Catalyst Group          Author:Dalian Heterogeneous Catalyst - WangJianQing

The related leaders of China Catalyst Group Co.,Ltd.(CCG), Jiangsu Kangtai Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.(JKCG) and Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Shanghai Spang Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. (SCCIGSSCT) had an in-depth discussion in the headquarters of Jiangsu Kangtai Chemical Group Co.,Ltd. about methanol to propylene(900K Mts/y) and propylene to epoxy propane in hydrogen peroxide route(300K Mts/y) in 19thDec,2014. During the discussion, Mr.Leejin(Chairman of CCG), Mr.Li yongbin(General Manager of Dalian Heterogeneous Catalyst Co., Ltd.-CCG), Mr.Zhang weihua(Chairman of JKCG) and Mr.Xing liwei(CTO of SCCIGSSCT) had an initial agreement in technologies, the way to cooperate and address of this project after an in-depth discussion. The project will start in early 2015.

The Jintan government, Jintan Development and Reform Commission, Jintan Planning Bureau showed their supports to this project during the discussion. They made an conclusion that this project is advanced in technologies, environment friendly and meet the national industrial planning requirements. The project can optimize local industry chain, create more jobs and bring greater economic benefits to Jintan.

29thDec,2014 is the date to be memorized. The related leader of these three groups attended the signing ceremony of methanol to propylene(900K Mts/y) and propylene to epoxy propane in hydrogen peroxide route(300K Mts/y) in headquarters of JKCG and signed the agreement formally.

Jiangsu Jintan Chemical Industry Zone is one of the most important industry zones in Jintan which focus on propylene and propylene downstream products. The industry zone is suitable for large chemical company projects with advantages in geographical position and transportation.

This cooperation is not only the beginning of THREE GROUPS in new-tech projects but also one of the representation of China chemical industry innovative projects. It can be sure that this project will lead the trend of high-tech, high-added value chemical industry and won its own glory.

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