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China-Catalyst condole leukemia patients HouPeiYu
Time:2015-03-17          Source:General Department: ZHAOKEWEI          Author:China Catalyst Group

    On 14th January 2015, Mrs. SongMing of Dalian Heterogenious Catalyst Co.,Ltd. Represent  China-Catalyst Group to condole the child from ShanDon Province named HouPeiYu who has leukemia and send him the consolation money from CCG.

    SongMing sent CCG’s respect to HouPeYu about his illness and treatment, and encourage him to be confident, be brave to face the difficulties, in order to strive for an early recovery. HouPeYu’s parents showed deep appreciation for that and said they must actively cooperate with treatment by a positive attitude to face difficulties, strive to get rid of the disease.

    Note: with the growing of scientific and technological progress and economic development, social responsibility of corporation has become after the price, quality, participate in market competition, it is one of the core competitiveness. Therefore CCG think that the corporate social responsibility can be turned into opportunities for development, the social responsibility is not only the burden of negative, but can create an unlimited amount of market opportunities and unlimited space for development.

    CCG believes that although not done enough, not good enough now, but we will have been trying hard, this is not only the requirement of development but also our values a meaningful extension and attempting.

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