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Fire drills and emergency dangerous chemicals drills
Time:2015-03-17          Source:Security Department: HuangZhenWei          Author:China Catalyst Group

To clear the "restricted zone" consciousness, adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" policy, enhance the disposal capacity of accident and emergency affairs, with the cooperation of EHS department and R&D department, the company organized the fire drills and emergency dangerous chemicals drills. Chairman Mr.Li Jin, General Manager Mr.Li Yongbin, Vice General Manager Mr.Zhou Peng and all related department leaders joined this drill. The drill showed some new ideas of emergency treatments and escape to all staff. Safety production is a comprehensive, long-term and systematic engineering. The only way to achieve this goal is to do jobs conscientiously, to be aware of safety production, to strengthen the safe production responsibility and to eliminate potential safety hazards at the first time.

Aggregation before drill

Announcement for security matters

Simulated scene

Man down by toxic fume

Sound the alarm

Rescuing of the wounded with emergency rescue equipments

Emergency evacuation

Disposal of the accident and ventilation

Establishing the warning zone

Conclusions and comments

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