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    A Calligraphy Competition in the Heterogeneous catalyst co. Chinese “TengFei” talent showing itself.

    The thirteenth Dalian city job fair on schedule. The CCG attend this spring fair meeting for new emploee where located in Dalian world Expo 1th floor . Dalian Heterogenous catalyst Co Ltd, Dalian Trico Chemical Co Ltd, Raysmage (Dalian) Technology Co., Ltd. participated and provide 16 jobs for this meeting.

    China Catalyst Group - Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co., Ltd.& Dalian Trico Chemical Co., Ltd.2014 Staff Club

    Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co.,Ltd. holds New Year Celebration which theme of "retrospect and prospect". The Spring Festival evening party holds at YingYan Hotel on 11th February 2015.

    Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co.,Ltd. hold its year-end summing-up conference successfully

    Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co.,Ltd. was established in Aug 8th, 2008. The enterprice leaders and all the employees had a joyous gathering to celebrate the enterprice’s birthday and make a new 6-year-plan in Songmudao production base, Aug 8th, 2014.

    On 14th January 2015, Mrs. SongMing of Dalian Heterogenious Catalyst Co.,Ltd. Represent China-Catalyst Group to condole the child from ShanDon Province named HouPeiYu who has leukemia and send him the consolation money from CCG.

    Farewell the old year, welcome the new year. New year greeting from Chairman Mr.Li Jin and General Manager Mr.Li yongbin to all staff of the enterprise.

    The enterprice will temporarily hold a birthday banquet at each 5th for the staff whose birthday is in that month.

    Dec 12th,2014 is the 12th birthday of CCG-Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd. All staff celebrated this historic day with joy.

    Attenders: All cadres of CCG-Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co.,Ltd. and CCG-Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    CCG held its 6th anniversary in Aug 2014. Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co.,Ltd. organized this celebration with Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd.’s cooperation. The scene of the celebration is hot and Leaders made their speeches.

    Dalian Heterogenous Catalyst Co.,Ltd. and Dahua Group Co.,Ltd. organized the fire drills and emergency dangerous chemicals drills.
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